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As far back as I can remember, there was always bluegrass music. My dad, Pat Tillman, plays banjo and my grandfather, Max Tillman, is a world renown fiddle player. Max was playing in his first group in the early 1940's. So as you can imagine, there was always music around the house. My dad decided to host a bi-annual bluegrass festival around 2001 and I remember Jason showing up.... just starting to play the mandolin. He had already been a guitar player for several years and it wasn't long before he was playing mandolin in his first bluegrass group. He was so excited when he got his first handmade mandolin from an Alabama builder, James "Winky" Hicks. Through the years, I've seen him trade/sell mandolins until he finally got the idea to start building them himself. His background of carpentry helped get him started and after nearly 2 years of research, tooling up, and good ol' trial and error, he had his first F5 built from scratch. After seeing several of his mandolins over the last 4 years, I knew he was serious about building and decided to approach him about making him a website.

Patrick Tillman

 “ I purchased the first A model Jason built. Over the years I have bought and sold a number of well built American made A model mandolins including several highly reputable builders. It is my humble opinion that my Sloan mandolin is as fine of a mandolin in sound and playability as any. Quite simply Jason builds exceptional mandolins and he’s a pleasure to do business with.     -David Matte, Boise, Idaho