Sloan mandolins
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“From start to finish, it is my goal to build a handcrafted mandolin that I can be happy with. Using only the finest of tone woods, I strive to give each instrument it’s full potential in tone, volume, fit & finish. As a musician myself, I know just how important this is to a serious player.”

—Jason Sloan


October 2017 -- A new batch of F5 mandolins just finished and delivered!

Dec 12, 2017--started 2 new F5 mandolins today! 

Sept. 2018 —We have just purchased a house in Freeport Florida and I’ve been super busy setting up the new shop! Fall season is upon us and it’s time for the annual fall bluegrass festivals in our area to start up! There is plenty of “backed up” repair work on the workbench and a new batch of mandolins getting started! Busy, busy , busy……please check back for updated pics of the new mandolin batch as things come along!!


Mandolin batch 3 2016 125.JPG